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Chris Bianez, CSP™

27+ year law enforcement officer providing training to help organizations protect what they value the most – their people, information, and property.

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Officer Bianez delivered a great robbery safety training presentation to around eighty members of our staff. The presentation was engaging, fun, and full of helpful information I think our staff is now prepared, should they face a robbery situation. We are planning to bring Officer Bianez back to our credit union for other training sessions.

Chris Carlson

Chief Risk Officer & General Counsel
InTouch Credit Union

I can honestly say, I was ready to hear just textbook situations and tips BUT you surprised me and everyone else with your unique way of presenting safety scenarios. Your presentation was very entertaining and informative, me and my co-workers are still talking about how much we enjoyed it.

Debra Gentry

Owner Relations
Denbury Resources

His incredible energy is contagious; and his passion, hypnotic. I have had the pleasure of listening to him on several occasions; and every time I take away more than I ever expected. You can watch him over and over and always learn something new; and invaluable. He spoken to my clients on multiple occasions. My clients and I feel empowered because of him.

Kelly O. Sculpher

I left Officer Bianez's Personal Safety program feeling empowered by what I heard. I feel like I am more aware of my surroundings and can make better decisions to keep me and my family safe!

Misti Hendren

Loved your Personal Safety program! I feel more empowered and better prepared to handle a dangerous situation. I now know what to watch for and what to do about it!

Amy Miller

Chris Bianez’ robbery safety training presentation was fun, enjoyable, and most importantly informative! Officer Bianez captivated the bank center’s personnel. We definitely want to bring him back for our other banking centers and have him back to our location for other training presentations.

Timothy J. Murray

Assistant VP

Officer Bianez brought a big value piece in helping our employees increase their safety at work as well as their personal lives and I look forward to building this relationship ongoing.

Troy Jackson

Security Account Manager on behalf of Intuit

POWERFUL program! PASSIONATE presenter! With people being our most valuable assets, safety training is an invaluable investment.

Hina Rana

Senior Business Analyst