Officer Bianez delivered a great robbery safety training presentation to around eighty members of our staff. The presentation was engaging, fun, and full of helpful information I think our staff is now prepared, should they face a robbery situation. We are planning to bring Officer Bianez back to our credit union for other training sessions.

Chris Carlson
Chief Risk Officer & General Counsel
InTouch Credit Union

I can honestly say, I was ready to hear just textbook situations and tips BUT you surprised me and everyone else with your unique way of presenting safety scenarios. Your presentation was very entertaining and informative, me and my co-workers are still talking about how much we enjoyed it. Thank you for the awesome work you are doing. We appreciate you!

Debra Gentry
Owner Relations
Denbury Resources

Officer Chris Bianez is my hero. Although he has lived through extreme adversity in his own life; he has chosen to use those experiences to make him the powerful teacher he is today. His incredible energy is contagious; and his passion, hypnotic. I have had the pleasure of listening to him on several occasions; and every time I take away more than I ever expected. You can watch him over and over and always learn something new; and invaluable. I am so thankful that he has come out to speak to my clients on multiple occasions. My clients and I feel empowered because of him.

Kelly O. Sculpher

I left Officer Bianez's Personal Safety program feeling empowered by what I heard. I feel like I am more aware of my surroundings and can make better decisions to keep me and my family safe!

Misti Hendren

Loved your Personal Safety program! I feel more empowered and better prepared to handle a dangerous situation. I now know what to watch for and what to do about it!

Amy Miller

Officer Chris Bianez patiently and thoroughly explained how we can protect our families, ourselves, and our property from burglary, intruders, and crimes of opportunities. He was engaging, respectful, and professional. Listening to Officer Bianez’ in-depth presentation, I have gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the challenges and potential danger that officers protect us against on a daily basis.

Sheila Rowan, MS, LPC
Director of Adult Ministry and Education
Christ United Methodist Church

Officer Bianez had a unique approach to providing staff with information regarding Robbery Safety. He used humor and real life experiences to bring a more interesting take on such a serious subject.

Amy Cooper
Branch Manager
Credit Union of Texas

Thank you so very much for teaching our students how to stay safe this summer. They were absolutely mesmerized with your creative and fresh teaching approach. Your ability to interject humor while relaying an important message was absolutely amazing. I know that you truly made a difference in the lives of our students. I feel confident they are better prepared for a fun and safe summer!

Jill Allison
Guidance Counselor
Hedgcoxe Elementary, Plano ISD

Chris Bianez’ robbery safety training presentation was fun, enjoyable, and most importantly informative! Officer Bianez captivated the bank center’s personnel. We definitely want to bring him back for our other banking centers and have him back to our location for other training presentations.

Timothy J. Murray
Assistant VP

This is the second time Officer Bianez has spoken to our group on youth protection and internet safety. Officer Bianez is a gifted speaker. He clearly has excellent command of his subject matter. His passion for protecting both individuals and property are obvious in his presentation. His style and approach makes his audience feel at ease in spite of the serious nature of the subject. Officer Bianez applies a common sense approach and helps people see how they can apply in their lives the principles he teaches.

We have already asked Officer Bianez to plan to speak to a group of youth and adults at a future gathering. In addition, we hope Officer Bianez will be available to speak again at our next adult leadership conference.

We have seen many people speak on youth and personal protection, but none have been comparable to Officer Bianez. If you have an opportunity to hire Officer Bianez as a speaker, I encourage you to do so. I am sure you will be as pleased as we have been.

Bruce Weaver
Director – Human Resources
ENSCO International

Officer Bianez is without question one of the most gifted and talented presenters I have ever heard in my lifetime.

Craig Cool

Enthusiastic. Energetic. Articulate. Informative. Attention Getting. Inspirational. Priceless!

Fred Bemenderfer

We were all so excited to see you back as our guest speaker. You provide such valuable information. You are fantastic!!!

I hope to see you again at the ALC in 2010.

Paula Hipp
Grand Committee, Grand Assembly of Texas
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

We had the pleasure of hearing Officer Chris Bianez present on personal safety. Officer Bianez was a dynamic speaker who did a wonderful job capturing the audiences attention with his humor and fun spirit. Officer Bianez did a superb job really connecting with the entire audience and explaining the key points of personal safety. It was a pleasure to be in attendance for this presentation, he was GREAT! Thanks again!

Tiffany Thornton & Holly Lewis

Luck was on my side the day when Officer Chris Bianez agreed to be the guest speaker on personal safety for the high school seniors in our National Charity League. We frequently have people in to talk to the different grade levels, but I can assure you that Officer Bianez is different in his ability to capture the attention of anyone, and in particular, a group of teenage girls that believe they are invincible.

Officer Bianez offered an outstanding, insightful, & humorous program on personal safety. We knew that it was a success as the girls continued to talk at length about what they had learned after Officer Bianez left. We also got feedback from many of the parents after the girls got home and continued to share the knowledge that they had gained.

As parents, we continually tell our children to be safe and make good decisions. And as any parent will tell you, kids listen the first few times and then go into auto-ignore mode. Officer Bianez was able to offer real-life situations, discuss options that might have made the difference in a crime, and use enough humor to keep the girls on their toes. We will continue to request Officer Bianez as a speaker and encourage you to do the same.

Nancy Womack

I really enjoyed to coming to my school and sharing your story with us. it really touched my heart, where it has never been touched before. After our class I cried; your story just amazed me so much. How you overcame everything that happened to you just makes me so amazed!!! You are an inspiration to everyone. Thank you so much!!!

8th Grade Female Student